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Love the skin he's in

The Unkindest Cut
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intactivism - actively advocating genital integrity

This is an intactivist group. Join applications go here

Nobody has the right to decide what you do with your own body. Your body is your own. So why do so many otherwise caring parents decide to deprive their sons of one of the most sensitive and beautiful parts of their anatomy?

A bit of food for thought:

The most common reasons for mutilating male genitals.
This is what is lost.
This is how it works.
This is how the barbaric procedure is performed. (Links to an 'I agree to enter' page)

And here is an entertaining and informative youtube video explaining a bit about the whole deal.

Something to think about if you're couching a pro-cut argument:

Replace the words 'male circumcision' with the words 'female circumcision' and think about how it changes the way you feel about your argument. If you disapprove of female circumcision, perhaps you should rethink your support of male circumcision. Also, you may like to peruse this petition regarding human rights.

What if I don&quot;t <i>wan</i>t to look like daddy?

Intact Baby Boys Are Love
Intact Baby Boys Are Love

Some Rules

Yeah, rules suck, and I thought we could all live with common sense, but maybe this isn't so. So I'll write up the unwritten, common sense stuff, throw in a couple of things that have worked in other communities and see how we go.

* Take responsibility for anything you link to. Where possible, post the text of the link with a link back to the source. (For Example) If you get complaints about people not being able to reach your link, either find another source, create a way for others to see what you want them to see or remove the link.

* If you have a long post, please put it behind an lj-cut.

* Be respectful of the feelings of circumcised guys. It's really not their fault they're cut unless they had it done for their own reasons as adults.(In which case it's not our place to judge)

* Just generally be responsible, respectful and as tactful as possible. It's a touchy subject, but we're all on the same side, aren't we? This means that if you have a problem with someone, take it up with them. This is now law. ANYONE who breaches this by posting links to misguided people's journals with intent to incite a riot risks bannination.

Your friendly, neighbourhood mods are: illusio, cingulus and floopyboo

A resource thoughtfully compiled by xnaivetex
A list of links compiled by mich311e

For support & advice for those considering uncircumcising, we highly recommend keep_on_tugging.
They are friendly & supportive and have very good advice for restoration.


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